Week 1: Learning London

One week ago, I was spending the day with my family having a nice dinner while saying goodbye to me, as I have decided to move to the UK for the next few years. I’m one of the lucky few people who has an amazing job that offers a program to send off a few people each year to work abroad, and if you know me, I can’t pass up the chance to live in another country. 

So last week I started my job here in the UK, where I’ve been spending my days at work learning new systems, meeting people, and trying to not sound too American with all my questions and comments (ex: where is the bathroom = where is the toilet) I’m really struggling with using the word toilet…it just sounds so dirty and wrong. 

After work we catch a train to start our commute home (lesson learned by Erica: don’t sit near the toilets) and transfer onto a tube which drops us off a few blocks from our temporary place. On our walk back we usually stop at the little grocer to grab our dinners/lunches and any snacks we might (my go to: Cadbury chocolate…I’m working on trying all the types they have so far I’ve had dairy milk, Oreo, fingers, caramel, crunchy clusters, twirls). The food is just okay – better if you know how to cook, but it is a little expensive so make a budget and plan your meals (let’s see if I can follow my own advice). 

Sometimes if we have energy, we take a walk and explore a bit of our area. We walk down to the Thames and check out the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.  

  Tower Bridge (above)

Tower of London (below)
But the real exploring happens on the weekend! This was my first weekend in London and we had a lot to see and cover! 

On Saturday we went to Borough market, which is amazing! They have all the produce you could want: fruits, veggies, and gorgeous flowers. And there’s also breads, fish, cheese, meats, and DESSERTS!! The food stands are great: I had a chicken and mushroom pie with cheddar mashed potatoes and a freshly squeezed lemonade-delish! 

 See the cheeses (below)  

  And the desserts! YUM! (Above)

And yes this is a whole table of different type of mushrooms – one of my favorites! (Below)
After Burrough market we walked a bit more to see Buckingham palace, where didn’t get to see the queen or princesses or anyone famous! But we did discover one of our new favorite places in London – Hyde Park! You can relax on the green with a picnic or book while enjoying a bottle of wine! It’s seriously amazing!

We ended our day with dinner and drinks with our friend, Ashley, who has been living in London for the last 2 years. So she’s great to have around to share advice and tips on what to do and where to travel to. We needed our night early because we had another full day planned for Sunday. 

On Sunday (today) the day started a bit later because shops don’t open until 11-11:30. We decided to venture to Greenwich market, which we thought was near Covent Garden, later to find that it’s not. So we enjoyed a nice walk along the Thames and arrived at Covent Garden which was full of markets…not to mention next to a ton of stores! After spending too much money, we started our walk back – full of amazing views or Big Ben and the London Eye. 

And that was the beginning of it all! 🇬🇧


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