Greenwich & Kew Gardens

2 weeks since my last post! There’s been so much going on between work, exploring, meeting new people and booking trips! 

Last weekend my Aunt came to visit (she lives in South France…on the list of many places to go…I’ve been before when I studied abroad) and we met up with my cousins who currently live in London. We explored different parts of London by food and drink, while sharing stories and learning more about each other. Some of the spots we went to: Carluccios – for some Italian lunch, Freuds – great “cellar” bar for cocktails, Kettners – classy champagne bar, and Malabar Junction – amazing Indian food, and Charlotte Street – full of really cute, fun restaurants! And I was able to experience my first Sunday roast which my cousins made, and it was amazing! (Wish I took pictures!)

This past weekend was full of new places! On Friday night, Erica and I met up with our friend, Ashley, at this really cool bar called Archer Street in Picadilly Circus. The servers actually sing and perform (on tables)! Definitely a place worth going to…but get there early!

On Sarurday, we went to Greenwich via ferry. 

Where we explored markets and found some amazing food (perogi’s, rice balls, ramen burgers, sweets)!

And then we hiked up to the top of the hill where we could go to the Royal Observatory and stand on the Prime Meridian – to fulfill every person’s dream of being in two places at once. While waiting in line for an hour and watching people do funny poses, Jen and I decided it would be necessary to the most ridiculous pose we could think of – playing leap frog on the prime meridian! After one failed attempt (Jen tried to jump in slow motion, which ended with her knockin me in the head – yes they missed the photo on that lovely opportunity) we finally got one!

After that adventure, we headed back to our flat to rest a little. Then we headed out along the Thames, to enjoy the skyline view while having a pint (or two).

I apologize in advance for the multiple photos of Tower bridge, we still live next to it, and it’s just so pretty!   

On Sunday, Jen and I went to Kew Gardens – which basically is a botanical garden combined with a park and palace. There were some really cute restaurants and a place where you could have a tea party as well! The gardens were beautiful, and we even got to walk around a tree canopy that sways as you walk (freaky). 
  The tree canopy (above)

Part of the garden (below)  

And I ended my weekend with going to dinner with Erica and Emily in Shoreditch (another cool area to explore restaurants and pubs – the list keeps growing!) to the Drunken Monkey for Dim Sum. 

Each week is full of adventures, I’m excited to see as much of London (and England) and Europe as I can! We have booked a few trips: Bank Holiday in Copenhagen, and a long weekend in Barcelona (can’t wait to be reunited with my favorite city – for those of you who don’t know, I studied there!) Any recommendations on places to go or things to do would be appreciated! ✈️



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