Settling in

So the last few weeks have been hectic! We moved into our flat in West Hampstead 2 weeks ago – and were lucky enough to have the previous tenants leave some things behind (quite disgusting) and left the place a bit of a mess. Luckily for me (but unfortunately for my roommates) I wasn’t here to experience the mess, but I did get the joy of living with a pile of rubbish in the hall (up until a few days ago). Nonetheless, our place is nice and in a great location. 

See neighborhood below:  
Living in West Hampstead has been great so far – our high street is really quaint – full of restaurants, pubs, and markets. And we aren’t too far from Hampstead Heath, though I have yet to make there (maybe this weekend since it’ll be relatively warm!). 

Last weekend had a Friday night full of drinks at the Folly to say goodbye to our friend, Ashley, who is going back to the states in a few weeks. Before the Folly, Jen and I went to Cross Keys for some Pub Food and beers, which happens to be across from Leadenhall Market which is inspiration for Diagon Alley from Harry Potter! (See below)

 Saturday was a real lazy day – full of catching up on sleep and attempting to get back on schedule and over my jet lag. And completed with a few pints at the local pub at night. 

Sunday we ventured to London Bridge for brunch and some shopping. Then walked around Notting Hill to explore another neighborhood. Ending the weekend with a Zumba class up the street (Jen and I went to this amazing body pump/fake cross fit class on Thursday which made walking unbearable for the following 4 days). Though this Zumba class was nothing like the one I’d attend in the states, it’s close by and the studio has a variety of classes. 

Now that our flat is coming together, it is starting to look more like home. 

 (Don’t mind the clutter…I’m still unpacking and buying things) 
Still trying to get the hang of things at work (someday everything will make sense again) and still exploring new parts of London (and trying to make more friends!) We’ll see what this weekend has in store!


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