Weather in London

As most of you know, the weather in London is up and down (like New England) but instead of the snow its rain. The last few weeks have had such bizarre weather, it’s really hard to keep up (especially with commuting about an hour to work!) Most days start out the same – grey, cloudy, not too hot but not too cold either, and then by the time we get to work in Watford the temperature somehow drastically changes and it’s usually raining. Needless to say whenever it’s about 70 degrees (22 degrees Celsius) – also still trying to learn this conversion…. – everyone wants to be outside and enjoy this weather, maybe even venture to Brighton to go to the beach! Last weekend we were lucky enough to have it be around 80 here on Saturday, which we took full advantage of! Starting out with a Saturday morning body pump class (let’s be serious…how fun is it to enjoy being able to walk after all..) and then venturing in towards Tower Bridge, to go to Burroughs Market. 

  Largest wheel of cheese I’ve seen! 
We were set off to Burroughs Market to be on a “blind date” with some of Jen’s friends of friend – George & Vicki – where we met at Brew Wharf for a few drinks. Brew Wharf is next to Burrough Market and has a large outdoor seating area and inside restaurant as well – not to mention that they have plenty of brews! 

And they have these cool umbrellas hanging over the outside seating:  
After meeting some new friends, we got dinner at Wine Wharf next door – I had amazing mushroom gnocchi with a truffle cream sauce!  

On our way home (we had a rough commute back due to our tube stop being closed) we just so happened to get off at Kings Cross where you can find platform 9 3/4!

After dinner we went back home to attempt to amp ourselves up for a night in Camden (this resulted in a nap for me). Our newly made friend, Alex (she’s an American ex-pat we met out one night) came over and we decided to go to a cocktail bar in West Hampstead instead of going to Camden. We went to Alice House which is on the High Street and they had amazing, pricy cocktails (mine was a Sunmer Picnic with gin, wine, muddled raspberries, and other things – so good!)

Sunday was also supposed to be a nice day so we planned on going to Hampstead Heath for a picnic and a day of relaxation. This plan was soon crushed when the sky opened up and it poured for several hours straight. Like every other day in London, it rained for a good part of the day and then because blue skies and sun towards late afternoon – this is what I’ll never get used to. So instead of lounging in the park, we lounged in bed (and cleaned a little), and when the weather turned I went for a walk into town with Erica to see what the shops are like (there are some cute boutiques!)

During the week, we are getting into of our work routine, followed by a work out class – I did Boxercise this week, it was awesome – and then dinner, FaceTime dates, and sleep. But also this week we celebrated Ericas birthday (she’s celebrating it this weekend with her boyfriend in Paris!) so we had a “date night” at a Ceramic Paint Place with some sushi and prosecco to celebrate!

Stole this picture from Jen (I painted a plate, you can see it in the back)  
Now it’s Friday and it’s a Bank Holiday weekend – and Jen and I are currently waiting in Luton to go to the airport to venture off to Copenhagen for the weekend (with Emily meeting is there later!) We are so excited to go on the first of many trips throughout Europe – if you have any recommendations please let us know! 


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