This weekend for our August Bank Holiday (+1 extra day), Jen, Emily and I went to Copenhagen! We were very excited because it was mine and Jen’s first holiday since we moved here! 
We left Friday morning, landing in Copenhagen after a delayed Ryanair flight (where I sat next to a little girl who was on her first flight!) Landing in Copenhagen around noon – where the weather was sunny and warm! After dropping our luggage off at the AirBnB (it was nothing great, just close to everything and had the necessary amenities) we walked to the Nyhavn to have lunch at one of the restaurants along the canal. 

Nyhavn (see below)

  Lunch on the Nyhavn (above)

We spent the day walking around the city, doing some shopping and seeing some sites and planning out the rest of our weekend.  
On Saturday, we set out for the Nyhavn to go on a boat cruise along the canal, to have a tour of Copenhagen’s sites. From here we saw the Little Mermaid (see below), as well as he Amalienborg (where the royal family lives), the Opera House, Naval Base, Christiansborg Palace, and much more!
Copenhagen Opera House 
    Little mermaid (above) 

  Amalienborg and Frederik’s Church (above)

Christiansborg Palace (below)  

 Myself, Jen, an Emily on the boat in Nyhavn

After the boat tour we went to Our Saviour’s Church to climb up 400 steps – not the kind of stairs you’d picture, winding staircases, wooden ladders, and then a wrapping staircase on the outside of the steeple (slightly terrifying, in the states you’d probably have to sign a waiver before doing). But at the top you had a breathtaking view of Copenhagen and parts of Sweden. 

See the church below and the stairs wrapping up the steeple    


 And the breathtaking views from the top! 
It was an amazing experience! After the hike up the church we went to the village of Christiania “The Freetown of Copenhagen” where all members of the community contribute as a whole and it had a “Green Light District” which was interesting. 
The street art in front of the entrance to Christiania

 At night we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant (which was amazing) and then went for cocktails at a great lounge called Ruby (I highly recommend it). 

On Sunday, we got some amazing pastries and we took a train to Odense “the birthplace of Fairy tales” or the birthplace Hans Christian Anderson who wrote many fairy tales. The city had a cute village in it, along with a beautiful park, but we were disappointed that the castle wasn’t as nearby as advertised, so we couldn’t make it there. We even found a Dunkin Donuts at the train station!

Hans Christian Anderson’s home (below)

 The village of Odense (below)

Back in Copenhagen, we continued our walking tour through Copenhagen and did some more shopping. Had a nice dinner together, followed by an amazing dessert of cheesecake (probably the best food we had all weekend!)

The entire weekend was full of fun adventures and a LOT of walking (we walked about 35 miles over the entire weekend!) We saw an entire city and a little more, and spent some time seeing some amazing sites! Copenhagen was charming, laid-back and a great beginning to all the trips I’ll be taking these next few years! 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰



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