Barcelona (the greatest city of all!)

As most of you know, I studied abroad in Barcelona 6 years ago (yikes, I know). And this weekend I was able to return to the greatest city of all (okay maybe the great European city…Boston might be a bit better). After this weekend, I am still very much in love with Barcelona (probably even more) and I still want to live here. We arrived late Thursday night, after being delayed an hour and a half to our Air BnB on Parallel. The next morning we wandered over towards Las Ramblas and El Gòtic where we went to Catedral de Barcelona and explored the beautiful church and went on the roof. 

View of the Cathedral   
Erica and myself on the roof (above)

The inside of the Cathedral   
After the cathedral, we went to Placa Catalunya where we saw the fountains, shops, pigeons, and got some gelato (disclaimer: there was a lot of gelato/helado on this trip). 

Placa Catalunya (below)  
Then we wandered to get some sangria and tapas at a highly recommended place called “Ciudad Condal” which had AMAZING sangria and patatas bravas. Next stop was La Sagrada Familia, which we never actually went inside of but we saw it from the outside (I’ve already need before a few times).  Still under construction…maybe someday there won’t be any cranes when I come visit!


After our exploring, we took a siesta before dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. Followed by a trip to Dow Jones, a bar based off the stock market where drinks go up in price as people buy them and then the stock market crashes and everything becomes €4. (This bar was cooler when I studie here because now it was full of 20-year old study abroaders who have never been to a bar before).    
The next day we started at La Boqueria, the big food market off Las Ramblas, which is full of fruit, juices, fish, meat, cheese, and candy! I had a passion fruit coconut juice and chocolate coveted strawberries. 

Then we attempted to go to Park Güell, but they were sold out when we arrived (I don’t remember having to buy tickets for a time slot) so we bought tickets for the next day. Since it was so hot out, we then decided to go to the beach which is one of my go-to spots in Barcelona  because we lived so close to it when I studied there. 

On our walk to the beach, we saw the Arc de Triomf and Park de La Ciutadella. 

We finally arrived at the beautiful beach, and decided it would be necessary to return to the beach everyday (especially because the water was a great way to cool off when it’s so hot out!)

We had dinner at a Mexican spot along the beach, which was also amazing. And we got strawberry mojitos that were delish.   

Went home for another siesta, before a big night out! We went off to Chupitos (Spanish for shot) and it’s a bar full of hundreds of shots that have crazy names and themes (most of which involve being lit on fire). Erica and I had a Boy Scout (we toasted marshmallows), Harry Potter (Orange topped with sugar and fire that sparked) and a Willy Wonka (chocolate flavored with whipped cream and candy on top, also lit on fire). 

After Chupitos, we stopped at another bar for a quick cervesa and then headed to Razzmatazz (a five club discoteca…also around the corner from my old residencia). 


After our big night our, we took our time gettin breakfast in Placa Espanya, where a road race was occurring for the start of La Mercé (this wicked fun festival that happens in September which is basically nonstop parties…I’ll be going next year

After breakfast we ventured back to Park Güell (my favorite place ever). It’s just so magical looking and all the mosaics are beautiful. 

 We then went back to the beach (after getting more gelato) and enjoyed some more sun. At night (our last night in Barcelona) we were pressed for time for dinner so we stopped at Wok to Walk (an Asian take away stir fry place). Then we went to grab some drinks before a flamenco show at Tarantos. 

 After a night of flamenco-ing back to the apartment, we woke the next and final day in Barcelona to go to La Boqueria once more (more chocolate covered strawberries) and then to the beach. We then got more gelato before going back to Ciudad Condal for our final round of tapas. With a little time before our flight, we went shopping around Placa Catalunya and then again in the airport. 

Now we are currently sitting in the airport for what’s been almost 5 hours due to our flight being delayed (work will be fun tomorrow…)

This trip has reminded me how much I love this city and can’t wait to return soon! (I even drank the water from the lucky fountain on Las Ramblas to guarantee that I’ll return again!) Hasta luego Barcelona! 🇪🇸



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