Lakes District

Last weekend Emily and I adventures up to the Lakes District of England to spend a night in the quaint little town of Keswick. 

Keswick is about a 3 hour train + 30 minute bus from London, but well worth the trip for the amazing views! When we arrived on Saturday, we checked into our bed and breakfast (romantic….I know) and then went into town where there was a market going on. The town itself is full of shops, pubs, and cafes that are all hiker and, more importantly, dog friendly! So basically I was in heaven with all the dogs everywhere!!

After a bit of shopping in town, we went to Derentwater, which is the lake next to town that is surrounded by mountains and woods that you can hike through. We decided to do the hike around the lake to see a few different spots. 

On our hike around, we went to see Ashness Bridge and got to capture a cool view of the lake at a “hidden lookout” from the top!

 Luckily for us, the weather started out a bit grey but wasn’t too bad the rest of the day (just a bit chillier than we expected!) 

We spent most of our afternoon walking around the lake before heading back into town for some amazing hot chocolate!

Followed by dinner at a pub, where I had a hearty beef pie, and an early night back to our B&B so we could be prepared for a long day of hiking on Sunday!

We woke up and had breakfast, where we discovered that the pepper had a distinct smell from what we were used to (still can’t figure this out). And then we began our journey to the lake to start our hike up Catbells. 

We took a boat to the dock that was near the bottom of Catbells, and walked around until we found the path to follow up the mountain. 

Here we are at the beginning of our climb up! (Above)

Catbells is a series of humps making up the mountain itself  (just about 1500 feet high). So it took us about 2 hours to get to the top where we actually had to climb up rocks to do so (not as easy as we thought it’d be). 

Eventually we made it to the top, and the views were stunning. 

And there were sheep everywhere throughout our hike (even along the sides of the steep mountain!)

Once we were up there, we were a bit worried about making it down because some of the rocks we climbed would be more difficult on the way down then up, so we chose to walk down the other side of Catbells. 

We spent the last few hours in town having a late lunch at a cafe and poking around the shops a bit more. 

The trip was a nice weekend exploring a beautiful part of England, and I highly recommend it to anyone! The lake and hikes are full of breathtaking views that reminded us a bit of New England, which we miss dearly especially during the Fall (luckily for me I will be on a flight home tomorrow!)



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