So I haven’t written in a while (mostly because I haven’t been traveling anywhere exciting) but I got home last week from a visit back to the States to celebrate the wedding of my best friend, Laura. 

Below is a picture of when it all started…(and I mean our friendship, not when she started dating Matt!) It was only 8 years ago…  

I was lucky enough to have pledged DZ with her by my side and holding my hand along the way (even though we didn’t know each other before joining). And after many hours of bonding together throughout college, at home, while studying abroad, and in Boston post-grad, I was lucky enough to be by her side as she married Matt. 

(True love…he must’ve been the DD)

Anyways, I was home for a week to watch these two get married and take part in the celebration! It was so much fun and I was so happy to be a part of it all!

Laura and I started her wedding weekend off right with a pair of massages followed by brunch (mmm Zaftigs) and then some shopping! After all the pre-wedding Thursday activities, I went out with some friends to Publick House (so much pumpkin beer 🎃🍻..things we don’t have in London…until you find it at Whole Foods!)

On Friday I had breakfast with my sister and second mother, then headed to Norton with Ryan for some more pre-wedding activities! We got our nails done and enjoyed some Sangria before heading to the church for rehearsal followed by dinner!

Best fraaaaaands (see above)

After rehearsal, Ryan and I slept over Laura’s parents house (like old times, minus the beer, hot tub and buffalo chicken dip). And Saturday was wedding day!! So we got all beautiful with our hair and make-up done! 

My best friend is so pretty! 👰🏻 and so is my other one below! 💐

After a zillion photos, we went to the ceremony and then off to the reception to par-tayyyy!!

 My stud for a boyfriend 😘 (and my groomsmen escort!)  
Precision cake cutting! 🎂

Matt sandwich!    
  Bryant Alumni!

Pledge seeeesters

DZ seeeeesters 💗💚


The wedding was amazing and I was so happy to be a part of my best friends’ big day (hopefully she will be by my side someday!)

Not only did I get to celebrate Laura and Matt’s wedding while I was home, but I got to be a part of my sister, Emily’s, big announcement of her gender reveal!

Can you see the frosting in the cake? It’s blue!! So I’ll have a nephew in February/March!

And I was also lucky enough to find out that my cousin, Denillie, is also expecting!!

I’m so excited to see my family grow! Not too mention all the fun presents I can buy!!

My week home in the States was great, and it went by really fast! Matt and I got to look at a few houses (just starting to look for something to buy 🏡) and we celebrated our anniversary at the amazing Island Creek Oyster, where I was asked to go on an African Safari with him in the Spring! (I was so surprised…hehe)

Next time I’ll be back in the States will be Christmas, and since it’s almost Halloween, I’m sure it’ll be here soon!

Had to enjoy the foliage while I was home 🍂🍁🍃  


One thought on “#MakeItLane 

  1. loved to hear about this… you missed the part where you had two batches of pasta fagioli, breakfast with second mother, nails and fun times with mom #1 and smoked chicken by dad…oh and no photos of snuggling with puppy? I’ll send you some…


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