Munich 🇩🇪🍻

So I have been really bad and haven’t written in a while. I’d like to say I’ve been very busy going to really cool places and seeing amazing sites, but I really just have been lazy. 

So I went to Munich a few weeks ago with Emily, who has been to Germany quite a few times! We went to this amazing city and started our weekend with a full day tour of Neuschwanstein Castle, which is literally out of a fairy tale. The castle was built from Ludwig of Bavaria’s imagination, and he (unfortunately) only lived in the castle for half a year (and it’s still not even finished!)

We got to go inside the castle, but you aren’t allowed to take any photos inside, but it was stunning! The castle itself isn’t finished, nor will it ever be, but you can still appreciate how magical and unreal the castle truly is from the outside! The castle is also built on the side of a mountain, so the views and scenery are amazing.   


We also got our schnitzel and fries for lunch after going on a horse and carriage ride back down the hill. When we went back to Munich, we walked around the city square and center, and went to the famous beer hall called the Hofbraeuhaus, which was full of people (in leiderhosen and all!) which can hold a few thousand people!

The next day we woke up and walked around Munich again, where we saw the cuckoo clock with the life size figures perform. 

    After the clock performance, we went to the top of  St. Peter’s church where we had breathtaking views of Munich’s skyline and the Alps.    

We headed over to the Englisch Garden, which is a huge park where you can surf on the stream. Not too mention we got our full of Fall foliage, so it felt a little like home!



We did a lot of walking and exploring (it’s easy to walk the city and the weather was cooperating!) and we saw where Oktoberfest is (it’s huge!). So I will definitely be heading back next year for that!

Last weekend my friend Murph came to visit (he’s currently living in Dublin for work). We saw all the London sites: Borough Market, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park (in full Winter Wonderland mode), Hampstead Heath, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Camden market (walking for about 20 miles all weekend while it was freezing!) We had some great British food (finally had fish & chips!) and a Sunday roast. 

Now it’s Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m feeling a bit homesick to be missing this holiday, but excited because Matt is coming and we are going to Prague!!

With everything going on in the world, especially in Europe, it’s been an interesting few weeks, with high security everywhere. But I am not going to let this stop me from enjoying my time here. It’s important for us all to keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers to keep them safe, especially during the holiday times.  



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