Beautiful Budapest

We are currently on our flight back to London after a girls weekend in Budapest! We arrived late Friday night, and decided it would be best to rest up before a big weekend of exploring! One thing is for sure, I didn’t realize how large Budapest (it’s actually split into two separate cities – Buda and Pest, our hotel was based in Pest). 

On Saturday morning we started our day with breakfast at a little cafe, before heading to one of the large indoor markets full of food, spices, and souvenirs!  

We then walked down the main walking street to the square where the Christmas market was set up and full or people. The shops had handmade ceramics, decorations, ornaments, and so much more. So we did some shopping here and at some other shops along the way. We also had some goulash and layered potatoes for lunch before heading to our next adventure. 


We went over to St. Stephen’s basilica where we walked through this amazing church (it was huge!)

There was another Christmas market set up in front of St. Stephens with an ice skating rink, where we watched a light show of the Nutcracker on the side of the building. 


After all the shopping and waking around, we went to the river where we went on a boat cruise to see the city lit up at night. The boat cruise might have been freezing, but the sites were beautiful!


After the boat cruise, we had dinner and went to these bars known as “ruin bars” since they’ve been around since the early 1900s and were in existence through all the wars and communism in Budapest. 

On Sunday morning, we woke up and went over to the thermal baths of Gellert where some of us enjoyed massages while others had a pedicure, followed by a dip in some of the baths themselves!  

We had a late lunch/early dinner to enjoy our last moments of Budapest, where we only were able to see part of the city, so it would be likely that another visit may need to happen (maybe in the warmer weather this time!)


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